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Descriere: epa09697891 Lebanese Muhammad Al Mughrabi, an 82-year-old selling books as he lives and sleeps under the Iron Bridge on the Corniche Al Nahr since around two years in Beirut, Lebanon, 20 January 2022. Muhammad Al Mughrabi, studied engineering in Cairo before his circumstances changed and pushed him to live under the bridge and finally become a bookseller. The stacks of books serve as walls surrounding the place where he lives which includes a bed. He has various collections of old and new books, magazines and newspapers and survives from donations and bookselling. Lebanon has been suffering from a political and economic crisis for two years, after the disruption of petrol, diesel and electricity supplies, as well as subsidies for all oil and medicine derivatives were lifted. EPA/WAEL HAMZEH
Cuvinte cheie:
ID fotografie: 15242591
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: BEIRUT - Lebanon
Dimensiune: 3280 x 4928 px
Realizat: 2022-01-20
Introdus: 2022-01-20 20:20:54


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