COD GALBEN: 28-01-2022 ora 10 Intre 28 ianuarie, ora 10 – 29 ianuarie, ora 08Fenomene vizate se va semnala 28 ianuarie, ora 10 – 29 ianuarie, ora 08Fenomene vizate COD GALBEN: 28-01-2022 ora 11 Intre 11:00 si 17:00 se va semnala intensificări locale ale vântului cu rafale de peste 55...65 km/h. in Județul Dolj, Județul Mehedinţi; COD GALBEN: 28-01-2022 ora 11 Intre 11:00 si 14:00 se va semnala local intensificări ale vântului ce vor atinge la rafală 55...65 km/h. in Județul Alba; COD GALBEN: 28-01-2022 ora 10 Intre 10:15 si 14:00 se va semnala intensificări locale ale vântului, cu viteze ce vor depăşi la rafală 55 - 65 km/h in Județul Sălaj, Județul Cluj;

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Descriere: epa09618922 ATTENTION EDITORS: \r\n\r\nToday EPA will start releasing its Yearenders on the following order: \r\n\r\n3/12-\r\n\r\n- 12 MONTHS. 2021 saw the world cautiously emerge from the first year of a global \r\npandemic, with vaccines providing the strongest tool at our disposal to fight Covid-19. It was the year of the \r\njabs. The effects of the climate crisis were more obvious and urgent than ever, especially in Europe and North \r\nAmerica. 20 years after being ousted, Taliban took power back in Afghanistan triggering a humanitarian crisis \r\nwith thousands of people fleeing the country. Migration crisis continued all over the World from Honduras to \r\nTurkey or Belarus and the Mediterranean. The year started with the shocking image of the assault on the US \r\nCapitol and continued with a military coup in Myanmar. The World strived with supply shortages and the \r\ninternational markets got stuck with the blockade of Suez Canal with a stranded ship.\r\n\r\n- COVID-19. Year Two of the coronavirus pandemic brought both hope and frustration: the historically quick \r\ndevelopment and rollout of a vaccine to fight Covid-19 was a testament to what the world can achieve when \r\nglobal efforts are consolidated and harmonized to address an urgent threat.\r\n\r\n- CLIMATE CHANGE. 2021 was the year that the climate crisis became an urgent political priority. Severe \r\nweather disasters struck northwestern Europe, causing the worst damage in decades, while swathes of the \r\nwestern United States were ablaze in scorching forest fires.\r\n\r\n4/12-\r\n\r\n- ONE YEAR OF SPORTS \r\n- OBITUARIES \r\n- FACES OF THE YEAR\r\n\r\n5/12- \r\n\r\n- EUROPE \r\n- ASIA \r\n- AFRICA \r\n- UNITED STATES \r\n- MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA EPA/DSK
Cuvinte cheie:
ID fotografie: 15150295
Autor: DSK
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: FRANKFURT - Germany
Dimensiune: 2000 x 2216 px
Realizat: 2021-12-03
Introdus: 2021-12-03 15:58:02


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