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Descriere: epa09272502 Sarah Collins from New Zealand, trainee at Arabian Desert Camel Riding School for women, prepares for a training session in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12 June 2021 (issued 15 June 2021). Helen and Sarah wanted to ride camels ever since they moved to Dubai but they wanted to actually ride a camel not the touristy experience. With a little Arabic they can manage to speak to the camels riding through the dunes to the racing track. Linda Krockenberger works in hospitality in Dubai but also trains camel riding. She started the first camel riding school in January 2021, the Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre, with an Emirati who owns camels and whose family has been in camel racing for decades. EPA/ALI HAIDER
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Realizat: 2021-06-12
Introdus: 2021-06-15 12:57:05


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