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Descriere: epa08564576 A 'jimador' (specialized agave harvester) reaps the fruit of the blue agave cactus in a field in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, 24 July 2020. Mexico celebrates its most global drink on 24 July, so-called International Tequila Day. The tequila industry currently faces challenges that go beyond the ongoing pandemic of the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, such as steadily sinking domestic consumption figures and a hike in exports that may threaten the long-term sustainability of agave cultivation. Tequila has been produced in Jalisco for at least five centuries, since the Spanish colonizers brought the alembic still to the New World. Over the past few decades, it has become a party favorite and staple drink at bars around the world, either served neat in a shot glass â€' accompanied by a lemon wedge and salt â€' or as the base for the popular margarita and tequila sunrise cocktails. EPA/FRANCISCO GUASCO
Cuvinte cheie:
ID fotografie: 13896919
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: Tequila - Mexico
Dimensiune: 3400 x 2267 px
Realizat: 2020-07-24
Introdus: 2020-07-24 21:18:52


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