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Descriere: epaselect epa08391671 A Romanian market worker pushes a trolley full of potatoes during the shopping interval for the elders at a central market in Bucharest, Romania, 29 April 2020. According to the latest military ordinance issued by the government, the elderly over 65 years are allowed to leave their house and go shopping from 7 to 11 am, and from 7pm to 10pm. Traders are obliged to serve the elderly in priority. The movement of persons older than 65 years is also allowed outside these intervals, in the interest of work or for emergencies or medical treatments that cannot be postponed. Romania's 19 million inhabitants are living under a full national lockdown in a bid to slow down the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. EPA/ROBERT GHEMENT
Cuvinte cheie: epaselect
ID fotografie: 13700904
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: Bucharest - Romania
Dimensiune: 5655 x 3753 px
Realizat: 2020-04-29
Introdus: 2020-04-29 19:03:37


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