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Descriere: epaselect epa07874198 Children play in Signal Hill's Hilltop Park with the Tesoro Corp. oil refinery in the background in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, 14 August 2019. (issued 27 September 2019) With nearly 6,000 active oil and gas wells in the county, according to a Natural Resources Defense Council, Los Angeles remains the largest urban oil field in the US. Of the 18 million people leaving in greater Los Angeles, 600,000 live less than 400 meters from an active well. The story of the city is deeply intertwined with the oil industry. Old documents show Venice Beach covered with rigs and people walking the streets wearing gasmasks because the air pollution was so intense. This situation led to California being able to edict its own gas emission standards, stricter than those in the rest of the country, to counter the disastrous impact of the combined effects of oil production and traffic. This status was recently revoked by President Trump, a decision that is currently being challenged by the state of California. EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT
Cuvinte cheie: epaselect
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Realizat: 2019-08-14
Introdus: 2019-09-28 13:02:16


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