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Descriere: epa07578833 People pass a newspaper stand, decorated with portraits of EU Parliament candidates, without EU or party logo, prior to the European Parliament elections, in central Bucharest, Romania, 17 May 2019. The poster on the left depicts Ilie Nastase, 73, former tennis star and first ATP ranked No. 1 tennis player, and the right poster shows Anghel Iordanescu, 69, former footballer and manager of national soccer team of Romania. Nastase and Iordanescu occupy the first positions on the EU Parliament candidates list for the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR). Romanians will vote their representatives for the European Union Parliament on 26 May 2019. The banner on the center reads 'Ilie Nastase, first world no 1 from ATP history', and the right one writes 'Anghel Iordanscu, the soccer manager of the 20th century in Romania'. EPA/ROBERT GHEMENT
Cuvinte cheie:
ID fotografie: 12453090
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: Bucharest - Romania
Dimensiune: 4480 x 2851 px
Realizat: 2019-05-17
Introdus: 2019-05-17 18:05:57


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