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Descriere: epa08530275 A demonstrator wearing a face mask emblazoned with the 'Esteleira' flag (R) representing left-wing Galician pro-independence tendencies and the logo (L) of the Galician Initiative for Memory (IGM) attends an anti-Francoist rally held in front of the Neoclassical-meets-Modernist palace hosting the regional Hight Court of Justice of Galicia in A Coruna, northwestern Spain, 06 July 2020. The protesters gathered outside the courthouse as the trial to determine the legal ownership of an ample estate and mansion once gifted to Spain's former military dictator Gen. Francisco Franco (ruled 1939-75) kicked off. The 'pazo' (Galician manor) of Meiras, which had belonged to Emilia Pardo Bazan (1852-1921) â€' a Spanish countess and renowned naturalist author of novels, short stories and literary criticism â€' was bought from her heirs in 1938 by a pro-Franco group. In 2017, Galicia's regional parliament approved a motion to register the estate, which has been used by Franco's family as a summer residence since the dictator's death, as a monument of cultural interest. The current legal tussle involves the strongman's heirs â€' who have continually fought against opening the property to the public and maintain it is their legal inheritance â€' on the one side, and the state â€' whose attorneys claim it was fraudulently inherited â€' on the other. A legal report commissioned by the provincial government concluded that the 1941 contract detailing the property's sale to Franco was, in fact, fraudulent because he had a notary in Madrid certify his purchase of the estate from Pardo-Bazan's heirs, thus feigning a transaction that allowed him to claim it as his personal property (since a new National Heritage Law mandated that the Head of State's possessions become part of Spain's state assets) although the writer's heirs had already sold it to the so-called Provincial Junta Pro-Pazo of the Leader, which donated it to Franco. The trial is expected to last all week. EPA/C
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ID fotografie: 13856187
Redactor: EPA
Locatie: A Coruna - Spain
Dimensiune: 5247 x 3720 px
Realizat: 2020-07-06
Introdus: 2020-07-06 12:40:49


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